Understanding the chart window

Understanding the chart window

A chart panel allows you to present complex data visually, as easy-to-understand live market movements. Charts enable you to view the market history data, analyse market patterns, and make well-informed decisions. The study and analysis of historic price data helps to anticipate future movements in the price of a symbol.


The panel contains the following options

  • Toolbar

    A chart displays the toolbar at the top of the panel. It can be the Main Menu bar or Line Studies bar.

  • Quick Trade

    Quick Trade is the fastest way to perform a trade.

  • Cross Hair

    Cross Hair is a best option to find the price at a specific point in chart.

  • Scroll or Drag

    Scrollbar is a wonderful feature to view more data on a small arena in the panel. By scrolling or dragging you can navigate to chart history.

  • Zoom

    By scrolling up or down you can perform zoom in or zoom out. Also, zoom in and zoom out buttons are available in the toolbar.

  • Themes

    You have two different themes for chart (Black and White).

  • Indicators

    A Menu with predefined Technical indicators.

  • Overlays

    A Button for adding one graph of the symbol on the other in order to observe symbol correlations.

  • Templates

    Save yours customized chart as template. Also, you can access the same template in all other panels in a same group.

  • Links

    Activate the panel link help to synchronizes all other panels to that symbol.

Open a New Chart

From the Ribbon Menu, select Trading > Chart option.


From the watch list, click the chart column or right-click and select the chart option for the respective symbol.


Open a New Chart

In the chart panel, you can change the symbol in two ways.

  • Simply drag the symbol from the watch list and drop into the chart area of the panel.
  • By linking the chart panel with the watch list you are allowed to change the symbol of the chart. For more information, refer to Links.

Even after you change the symbol the indicators and overlays are still in place and line studies are cleared on change.

Right Click Menu

In the chart panel, right click on any area, you will get a dropdown pop-up with the listed options.

  • Toolbar

    Click to show / hide toolbar in this panel.

  • Chart Element

    Click and select the required price line in the pop-up. It can be bid price, ask price and last price. Also, you can show / hide the tick volume on the chart.

Risk Warning:

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